Thomas Konowalchuk, MD, JD

Attorney at Law

1070 NE th Drive, Newport, OR 97365

tel (541) 254-3804

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Medical Consultant

Thomas Konowalchuk offers analysis of simple and complex medical issues to other lawyers and law firms.  My areas of medical expertise covers a broad range of surgical and medical issues, as well as nursing issues.  I provide analysis on the variances from the standard of care in understandable terms, the severity of the variance and the likely legal hurdles associated with the variance.

Thomas Konowalchuk orchestrates the reviews in conjunction with other doctors or nurses as required.  The current staff available is diverse and up to date in current and past medical practices and procedures.

The level of involvement with a case analysis can vary from a quick overview to detailed medical research.  Fees charged are appropriate to the time and resources expended on the project.


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